Our Products


We deal with Liebert make Online UPS System from 1 KVA to 60 KVA. Liebert UPS system cater to InfoTech, telecom, banking, petro chemicals, power plants, medical, instrumentation and industrial segments. Liebert products are compact, aesthetic, intelligent, reliable, virtually noiseless and incorporate micro processor based technology.


Our battery range includes all reputed Sealed Maintenance Free battery brands like Quanta, Rocket, Base Terminal, Exide, Amaron, Rocket, Yuasa, Panasonic etc., and all kinds of tubular, automotive batteries.


ISMART POWER SOLUTIONS Controlled Voltage Stabilizer are specially designed to take care of Power fluctuations, with virtually flawless electronics circuitry, Outstanding reliability and ageless, matchless performance.


The occurrences of damages in the hardware as well as software are increasing due to over voltage surges passed on to the equipment through electrical or data lines. Normally surge works like slow poison by internally weakening the IC’s, transistors & even lights, eventually resulting in breakdown of the instrument. Emerson understood this problem & offers a range of Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) devices for both Transients and noise produced throughout the line.